A Perspective on ‘Perspectival Factualism’

bnr_side_academic_disciplinesIn Paul M. Gould‘s splendid “Essay on Academic Disciplines, Faithfulness, and the Christian Scholar,” he defends what he calls ‘Perspectival Factualism’ as the best approach for a Christian to adopt towards her academic discipline. I raise some questions for Prof. Gould’s proposal. Finish reading Dr. Davis’ post on the Evangelical Philosophical Society website here.


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What Counts as Christian Philosophy?

bnr_homeside_christ-shaped_philosophy“This volume is an exercise in the philosophy of religion. It concerns theism in general, and Christianity in particular.”1 Thus begins Keith Yandell’s wonderful book Christianity and Philosophy (IVP, 1984). Yandell is an exemplary Christian and an exemplary philosopher; indeed, he’s an exemplary Christian philosopher. The striking thing about the book, however, is the seeming “disconnect” between its title and its contents. Continue reading

Were Jesus and Paul Philosophers?

jandpIn a recent exchange with Paul Moser in the Christ-Shaped Philosophy project, the distinguished Christian philosopher, William Hasker, suggests (at least implicitly) that he regards neither Jesus nor Paul as philosophers. He asks, for example, why we don’t say that Jesus and Paul were “chemists, and composers, and attorneys, and stone-masons?” The answer, he thinks, is obvious: Continue reading