Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy


Tyndale’s four-year BA/BA (Honours) degree in Philosophy is intellectually rigorous and biblically informed. Students investigate the enduring questions of Philosophy–such questions as ‘Does God exist?’ and ‘Is there objective right and wrong?’–while at the same time exploring the philosophical foundations for a Christian worldview.

 Taught by leading Christian philosophers
 Major, Minor, and Honours programs
 Special emphasis on Apologetics
 30+ graduates in MA/PhD/Law Programs

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What Counts as Christian Philosophy?

bnr_homeside_christ-shaped_philosophy“This volume is an exercise in the philosophy of religion. It concerns theism in general, and Christianity in particular.”1 Thus begins Keith Yandell’s wonderful book Christianity and Philosophy (IVP, 1984). Yandell is an exemplary Christian and an exemplary philosopher; indeed, he’s an exemplary Christian philosopher. The striking thing about the book, however, is the seeming “disconnect” between its title and its contents. Continue reading