The Apologetics of CS Lewis

This Fall (2018) for the first time, Tyndale Philosophy will be offering a course devoted entirely to the apologetic system of C.S. Lewis. This is one of the required courses for our new BA Philosophy with a Concentration in Christian Apologetics. Topics to be explored include: Lewis’ career as an apologist, the Moral Argument, the famous Trilemma: Lord, Liar, or Lunatic?, as well as Lewis’ views on evil, evolution, pain and suffering, hell, inclusivism, and the Bible.

Here are the course objectives:


  1. To introduce and evaluate various proposals for integrating faith and reason through a close reading of Lewis’s central philosophical works.
  2. To assist students in formulating their own defensible case for the Christian worldview.
  3. To investigate the nature of C. S. Lewis’ apologetic method: his presuppositions, foundational starting-points, and argument construction.
  4. To discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Lewis’ arguments for theism (in general) and Christianity (in particular) by interacting with sophisticated contemporary critiques of his philosophical writings.

For further information, please contact Tyndale Admissions. You can also follow the links below to download a copy of the syllabus or view our Christian Apologetics program brochure.

Webpage | Syllabus | Program Brochure

•  Visit Dr. Davis’ personal website:

•  Follow Tyndale Philosophy@TyndaleUCPhilos


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