Bruxy on Inerrancy


In this series of 12 posts, Professor Richard Davis examines the principle arguments given by Bruxy Cavey against the doctrines of biblical inerrancy and authority.

1.  Where the Authority Really Lies: Jesus or the Bible? [ link ]

2.  Does Paul Blunder on Baptism? [ link ]

3.  Does Defending Inerrancy Discredit Christ? [ link ]

4.  Does the Bible Forbid Defending its Inerrancy? [ link ]

5.  Is False Scripture Useful? [ link ]

6.  Are Epimenides and Paul in Error? [ link ]

7.  Is There an Error in Mark 1:2? (F. Duquette) [ link ]

8.  How Not to Align with Inerrancy [ link]

9. Christianity or Controversy 101? [ link ]

10. The Practical Inerrantist (F. Duquette) [ link ]

11. Perfectly Communicating Error? [ link ]

12. The TGC-Bruxy Inerrancy ‘Debate’ [ link ]

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One comment on “Bruxy on Inerrancy

  1. […] my old pal Eric Schneider who’s, well, been quite helpful. We should also send some love to the guys over at Tyndale University’s philosophy department too. Did I mention that our friends at […]

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