The Clarke Files

Once described by Voltaire as a man “solely concerned with calculations and demonstrations—a veritable thinking machine,” Samuel Clarke (1675-1729) was widely regarded in the first half of the 18th century as the greatest English philosopher after the death of John Locke. Dr. Davis’ 4th year seminar “Clarke and His Critics” (Fall 2017) is an in-depth investigation of Clarke’s Christian-Newtonian-Rationalism and its outspoken critics.

You can read his first 9 discussion handouts online here. 1 more to come!

1.  Who is Samuel Clarke? [ link ]

2.  Atheism, Reason, and Eternity [ link ]

3.  Rowe and Hume on Clarke [ link ]

4.  The Clarke-Butler Exchange [ link ]

5.  Can Matter Think? [ link ]

6.  Clarke and Edwards on the Origin of Sin [ link ]

7.  Apologetic Wisdom from Clarke [ link ]

8.  The Gospel, Immortality, Judgment, and Tyndale’s ‘Soul Panel’ [ link ]

9.  Surprising Passages from Clarke (in light of modern theology) [ link ]

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