The Inerrancy Files

Tyndale Philosophy is an inerrancy department. We believe that for any proposition p, if the Bible (= God’s Word) teaches that p, then p is true. It seems simple enough. However, the doctrine of inerrancy has fallen on hard times. Many no longer believe it; but when you carefully probe the reasons for its rejection, they frequently disappoint. In this series of posts, Rich Davis and Paul Franks examine some of the disappointments.

1.  Why I Believe in Inerrancy [ link ]

2.  Barth and Inerrancy [ link ]

3.  Theistic Evolution and Inerrancy [ link ]

4.  Baptism and Inerrancy [ link ]

5.  Where the Authority Really Lies: Jesus or the Bible? [ link ]

6.  Is False Scripture Useful? [ link ]

7.  Are Epimenides and Paul in Error? [ link ]

8.  Does the “Letter of Scripture” Kill? [ link ]

9.  ‘Discrediting Christ’ Through Inerrancy? [ link ]

10.  Is There an Error in Mark 1:2? [ link ]

11.  Bruxy’s Bottle Neck [ link ]

12.  How Not to Align with Inerrancy [ link ]

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